Windows Azure And Aspnet Mvc Migration -

azure code samples microsoft azure - an asp net core web application that can sign in a user using azure ad b2c get an access token using msal net and call an api a sample net 4 5 mvc saas web app that signs up and signs in users from any azure ad tenant and calls the azure ad graph api, implementing user authentication in asp net mvc 6 - abstract asp net mvc 6 provides an easy approach for implementing authentication using microsoft aspnet identity which we will be exploring in this article in this article we will be implementing user authentication in an asp net mvc 6 application just like mvc 5 we have an authentication action, building asp net mvc 6 entity framework 7 application - abstract asp net 5 is a significant redesign of asp net this article shows you how to build a web application in asp net mvc 6 entity framework 7 using asp net 5 rc1 asp net 5 currently in rc1 is a significant release for building net web applications asp net 5 is open source and provides, build asp net app with sql database azure app service - azure app service provides a highly scalable self patching web hosting service this tutorial shows you how to deploy a data driven asp net app in app service and connect it to azure sql database when you re finished you have a asp net app running in azure and connected to sql database in this, microsoft download center windows office xbox more - download the latest from windows windows apps office xbox skype windows 10 lumia phone edge internet explorer dev tools more, create an asp net core app with user data protected by - see this pdf for the asp net core mvc version the asp net core 1 1 version of this tutorial is in this folder the 1 1 asp net core sample is in the samples, modernize existing net apps with windows containers and - as part of the series of posts announced at this initial blog post net application architecture guidance that explores each of the architecture areas currently covered by our team this current blog post focuses on introducing the new modernize existing net applications with windows containers and azure ebook which you can download here, tags ugo lattanzi s tech world - override how to override tostring it 20 may 2012 tostring how to override tostring it 20 may 2012 welcome how to override tostring it 20 may 2012 aspnetmvc top must know frameworks for net web developers 30 jun 2014 create a javascriptresult for asp net mvc 14 jan 2014 some good resources for asp net mvc 02 may 2013 manage cookies using web api 03 dec 2012, asp net routing msdn microsoft com - asp net routing enables you to use urls that do not have to map to specific files in a web site because the url does not have to map to a file you can use urls that are descriptive of the user s action and therefore are more easily understood by users the asp net mvc framework and asp net dynamic, asp net mvc and claim based security codeguru - claim is a wider term as opposed to permission in a context of authorization for example the user s age is a claim where watchscarymovie is a permission based on the claim it is possible to identify the permission for example all people with age more than 16 can do something, breaking changes for asp net 2 0 applications running in - update we recently launched a service that significantly helps you understand troubleshoot and improve production asp net applications if you regularly troubleshoot iis errors manage windows servers or tune asp net performance definitely check out the demo at www leansentry com, announcing asp net core 2 0 asp net blog - the asp net team is proud to announce general availability of asp net core 2 0 this release features compatibility with net core 2 0 tooling support in visual studio 2017 version 15 3 and the new razor pages user interface design paradigm, asp net mvc and identity 2 0 understanding the basics - thanks for your excellent contribution i just want to clarify me how i can do to add other models to the sample project because i need to create a foreign key from the aspnetusers applicationuser vs another table i did this by placing the icoleccion to the other table but i could not add 12 new models to me in my mvc proyect models because they are not recognized in the migration also, franky s notes how i use azure logic app api app and - how i use azure logic app api app and function app in my life, iis 7 0 two level authentication with forms authentication - the problem using asp net forms authentication and iis windows authentication in the same application unfortunately one of the limitations of a single stage authentication model is that it is done in a single stage imagine that