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list of cat breeds types of cats breeds descriptions - cat breeds different types of cats from the earliest history of cats dating over 9 500 years they have often figured alongside man and been a popular subject of many legends breeding by themselves cats were mainly used for hunting down and killing rodents with the progress of time and human intervention hybridization took place in different parts of the world giving rise to many, turkish van cat breed profile petfinder - the turkish van is a natural breed from the rugged remote and climatically varied region of the middle east the breed is known for its unique distinctive pattern the term van has been adopted by a variety of breeds to describe white cats with colored head and tail markings, kittens for sale cats for sale bengal kittens for sale - browse the posts for cats kittens litter announcements retired cats and cat products free unlimited posts for cat breeders who currently have a listing with us, maine coon cats pictures of cats org - maine coon cats 7 kittens above and black mc below photographs are strictly copyright helmi flick click on the photographs to see them in large format top contents introduction origin this page origin the legends theories myths new, pictures of cats org poc - these are the most recent articles on the pictures of cats website although there are thousands of great cat pictures on the site poc is primarily concerned these days with cat welfare the most pressing topic of all, breed and color registration prefix chart - cfa breed color designation charts the following codes incorporate the breed color and sex of a cat registered by cfa and used in the prefix section of a cat s registration number, home ancats com au - the australian national cats inc ancats is a unique organisation responsive to the needs of all cats their owners breeder and exhibitors come visit anytime as a member or guest to find information on how to care for your cat upcoming cat shows join us and visit our breeders national partners and supporters, siamese cat facts siamese cats the cats with the most - types of siamese cats siamese cats are of two types the traditional siamese cat is apple headed and has a robust compact body while the modern siamese cat has a more triangular shaped head and has a lithe and slender body, the cat fanciers association the world s largest - featured breed american shorthair the american shorthair is america s own breed originating from cats that followed settlers from europe it is a medium to large breed with a short thick hard coat in more than 80 different colors and pattern combinations, top 30 cat breeds pethelpful - there are more than 70 different cat breeds but fewer than 40 are true house cats every cat has its own personality and a cat s character very much depends upon the breed, chartreux cat breed information pictures characteristics - affectionate with family 3 more info some cat breeds are typically independent and aloof even if they ve been raised by the same person since kittenhood others bond closely to one person and are indifferent to everyone else and some shower the whole family with affection, ragdoll cat breed profile petfinder - the ragdoll is a well balanced cat with no extreme features they are a medium to large moderately longhaired blue eyed pointed cats the point markings may be covered by a range of white overlay patterns, st francis society animal rescue non profit cat dog - non profit all volunteer animal rescue and adoption organization serving the tampa bay florida area we find permanent loving homes for homeless animals, amazon com our pets 1400013659 twirl whirl electronic - my cats love it they come running when i turn it on even before it chirps the first time my male cat catches the toy tip very frequently he holds it while the motor tries to pull it back in