Bmw M42 318ti Service Manual -

bmw 3 series e36 service manual 1992 1993 1994 1995 - the bmw 3 series e36 service manual 1992 1998 is a comprehensive single source of service information and specifications specifically for e36 platform bmw 3 series models from 1992 to 1998 bentley service manuals provide the highest level of clarity and completeness for all service and repair procedures enthusiasts do it yourselfers and professional technicians will appreciate the, bmw sensor faults and problems united kingdom bba reman - bmw sensor faults and problems bmw sensors problems and faults voluntary emissions recall campaign no 99e a01 model e36 bmw 323i and bmw 328i with m52 engine produced june 1995 december 1998, electronic transmission control introduction 1 10 03 - 4 electronic transmission control purpose of the system electronically controlled transmissions were introduced on bmw products in 1986 on 5 and, bmw e30 e36 water pump replacement pelican parts - bmw318 comments i purchased a water pump but when installing the new water pump for my 1999 bmw 318ti the 3 bolts snapped can someone please tell me what size those are any information will be appreciated march 23 2018 followup from the pelican staff the should be m8 with your vehicle info handy give the pelican parts parts specialists a call at 1 888 280 7799, bmw e30 e36 thermostat replacement pelican parts - alan comments hi nick i am replacing the thermostat on my 1995 318ti m42 engine has an aluminium thermostat housing the new gasket i bought 11 53 1 721 172 boe is two sided one side seems to have some gasket sealant already applied