Atlantic Salmon Fishing -

fly fishing atlantic salmon official site - the atlantic salmon is a renowned world traveller spawning in fresh water but spending most of it s life in the ocean after one or more years at sea the atlantic salmon returns to it s home river to spawn in an extraordinary journey that may span more than 4 000 km of ocean, fly fishing for atlantic salmon advice at orvis - the three p s of atlantic salmon fishing patience persistence and preparation tempering expectations is the best way to prepare for an atlantic salmon trip regardless of the destination expect lots of casting and unforgettable scenery when atlantic salmon fishing, atlantic salmon identification information washington - they have a number of features to distinguish them from wild salmon large black spots on the gill cover neither pacific salmon nor steelhead have this feature the dorsal ventral and tail fins of atlantic salmon may be eroded or worn from containment in net pens the tail fin is flatter than, atlantic salmon protected noaa fisheries - atlantic salmon protected status worldwide atlantic salmon populations in single rivers range from thousands appearance while in freshwater young atlantic salmon known as parr have brown behavior and diet atlantic salmon are migratory where they live there are three groups of, dnr atlantic salmon michigan gov - fishing in the spring atlantic salmon prefer the upper warmer layers of the lake near shore in the summer they retreat to deeper cooler water when fall approaches they again come shoreward as they head toward their spawning stream as the cycle repeats